Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bio Boredom

i missed an outing with the pao and co. for bloody bio tuition. 2 hours (that seem like 3) of painfully dull narration from a middle aged woman heard through speakers mounted on the walls, not to mention being forced to sit through the heat and humidity of a hot day in the bee-yu-tee-foo country of malaysia. sucks, i know.

but wait! today's class didn't actually seem to take a millenium to finish! well WHY YOU ASK?? HOW HAVE I MANAGED TO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME?? or pass what normally would seem like an aeon in such a short timely fashion? and the answer is...


that's right boys and girls, i successfully wrote a verse and chorus, out of boredom in fact. sure its not a whole song, but hell, time sure passes quickly when you're busy thinking what word rhymes with out. hope to finish this piece soon enough, show it to the bacon and maybe we could start something here. this could get interesting.


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